Friday, February 4, 2011


Thats what she said.

buh dum tshh

Google. You F'ing Scare me.

So Facebook is the new Myspace.

Myspace was once the new Tagged.

i'm too young to know what Tagged was the New of.

But whats next.

Months ago i read about Google coming out with a social networking site.

I mean google comes out with a search engine, that kills everyone of them.
Then it comes out with youtube, which kills every video sharing site.
It came out with android which is getting better sales and feedback then apple's iphone!
It's come out with Tv's that is incredible.
It's got a web browser 100x better then anything out there.
Soon is coming out with it's own OS!
It's working on a car that can drive itself...
This social networking site..
i think it's going to make everyone have friends.
and no guy will be left un-laid.

Google. You fucking scare me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


"tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and   occasional vocals."

Welcome to the ukf Tutorial on dubstep production, typically a tempo of 140 bpm is selected.
First. we begin with a simple kick and snare pattern, like so.
Next it's time to add some high hats and symbols to fill those spaces,
add some modulated bass lines and make sure to make them heavy.
Why not try and adding a syn-th lead in the higher register.
Perhaps some sound effects or paths
Now your ready for the most importants of any filthy dubstep anywhere

...For extra brutallity, try adding a beat down section.

And if u really want to scare the living shit out of your audience..
Try bringing the levels down and then taking them by surprise ;)

This my friends is Dubstep.
i Have fallin in love with it in the last year.

And here's another one.
This song is so dirty you'll have to switch to porn if anyone walks in on you.
Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Great Debate.
I have been hearing this debate for so long.
Which one is better.
Truth is, from my understanding,
like most things in life,
both have there up's and downs.
i REALLY dont know as much as i should about each,
But this is what i'v collected over the months.

Customize. You can customize more of the computer.

Crashes more easily, more suseptable to virus's.
Cant have alot of real high end apple programs set up on it.

Wont crash and burn.
Video/graphic designer's <3

Not customizable,
no parts to replace or fix with.

Am i missing anything?
i mean, i guess bottom line is,
If you like video graphic stuff.. get a mac,
if not.. get a pc..
Correct me if i'm wrong though,
like i said, i have no real knowledge,
willing to learn though.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Youtube && Farts.

Thought this would be a cool place to show off some old video's me and my buddy usto' make..
Stopped doing it due to the fact that he moved..
But this is one, Where i did a simple stop motion, it was really fun to make!
Really miss making these things, 

Might be starting up a new channel! 
Depending on how my new job goes and if i make enough money for some new gear.
New mac computer, couple sexy canon cameras.. all that good stuff..
Youtube is a great place to really just express yourself 
and there's an audience for everyone and everything.
i mean hell, there's a guy on there that farts..
just farts..
audience for everyone and everything.


To all the DBZ Fans out there.
i Wish this great show was still airing..
Sometimes i catch the freeza saga on..
No Cell, no Buu!!!
No androids..
nothing. just freeza..
When i FIRST started watching this show, 
i was at the barber shop.
and this was on the tv..
and it was the battle between goten and trunks in the stadium.
there first fight i believe.
and it was INTENSE..
been hooked ever since.
This year i must save up money.
Go to ebay or some shittt..
and Buy the series..
Fuck yeaaaa.
What are your thoughts on DBZ? 
Also got any good wallpaper? :)