Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Youtube && Farts.

Thought this would be a cool place to show off some old video's me and my buddy usto' make..
Stopped doing it due to the fact that he moved..
But this is one, Where i did a simple stop motion, it was really fun to make!
Really miss making these things, 

Might be starting up a new channel! 
Depending on how my new job goes and if i make enough money for some new gear.
New mac computer, couple sexy canon cameras.. all that good stuff..
Youtube is a great place to really just express yourself 
and there's an audience for everyone and everything.
i mean hell, there's a guy on there that farts..
just farts..
audience for everyone and everything.


  1. haha thats was really inventive. You should defo think about starting up again.

    Following for more

  2. hah that was pretty awesome, you should make some more if you ever meet back up with your friend

    looking forward to some more from you