Thursday, February 3, 2011


"tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and   occasional vocals."

Welcome to the ukf Tutorial on dubstep production, typically a tempo of 140 bpm is selected.
First. we begin with a simple kick and snare pattern, like so.
Next it's time to add some high hats and symbols to fill those spaces,
add some modulated bass lines and make sure to make them heavy.
Why not try and adding a syn-th lead in the higher register.
Perhaps some sound effects or paths
Now your ready for the most importants of any filthy dubstep anywhere

...For extra brutallity, try adding a beat down section.

And if u really want to scare the living shit out of your audience..
Try bringing the levels down and then taking them by surprise ;)

This my friends is Dubstep.
i Have fallin in love with it in the last year.

And here's another one.
This song is so dirty you'll have to switch to porn if anyone walks in on you.
Enjoy ;)


  1. yeah, dubstep! I think its better on 145 bpm btw, but I'm no pro

  2. This sounds nothing like a machine gun, mis-marketing. Oh well, followed

  3. Something im going to be working out to haha thanks man, enjoying the music.

  4. Good stuff, nice to see all the dubstep blogs on here.

  5. I love Dub Step!!!! YES! It's the only bandwagon I'm glad I hopped on!

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  6. My favourite part is the part where they go wubwubwubwubwub :)

  7. Not too much a fan of dubstep, but this sounds pretty good regardless.

    supporting bro.

  8. here again, just because I really like the second song, thats soms heavy shit!!