Friday, February 4, 2011

Google. You F'ing Scare me.

So Facebook is the new Myspace.

Myspace was once the new Tagged.

i'm too young to know what Tagged was the New of.

But whats next.

Months ago i read about Google coming out with a social networking site.

I mean google comes out with a search engine, that kills everyone of them.
Then it comes out with youtube, which kills every video sharing site.
It came out with android which is getting better sales and feedback then apple's iphone!
It's come out with Tv's that is incredible.
It's got a web browser 100x better then anything out there.
Soon is coming out with it's own OS!
It's working on a car that can drive itself...
This social networking site..
i think it's going to make everyone have friends.
and no guy will be left un-laid.

Google. You fucking scare me.


  1. Google actually didn't make youtube, it did however purchase youtube for 1.65 billion dollars.

    Google is a fucking beast and I'm somewhat interested in seeing this google'd facebook

  2. Oops, well thanks for correcting me, your right ha, i should of known that really. derr.

  3. I'm almost positive that good has a moon base and space laser, and is orchestrating nearly every political action on the face of the Earth.

  4. Google is so powerfull, it's bad

  5. i didnt know google owns youtbe. thats crazy.

  6. @zakkin lol!
    @dubmixt ...wat
    @joe joe mama

  7. Although I've sold my soul to google and agree that all the do is better. I do think they are complacent.
    Even though youtube is obviously the biggest and most convenient, it's laden with ads and really slow. The design has never been good either.
    Self-driving cars. :P

  8. Don't forget that Google's also developing an OS- Chromium.

  9. google is a computer that controls the people who work there

  10. @Paul Meredith i love youtube, and ad's pay for it too grow more and more, i believe it'll take over, or at least merge with telivision.

    @Polybius Thank you, forgot about that, i need to start taking more time in editing these things, not do one take things haha.

    @Jik fact.

  11. it's only a matter of time until skynet takes over....

  12. lol, Google are taking over the world, and I'm a user of their search engine, browser and video sharing :L

    Haven't decided if I wanted to get into Android yet though.